André Balazs -Pianist /SInger/Songwriter

What is Bipolar Jukebox
and is it contagious?

                               By André Balazs

Unlike most… I like to think of Bipolar Jukebox as a food based ensemble dedicated to maintaining the ethical and culinary manifestation of the Fibonacci sequence. We at Bipolar Jukebox (for it can be a place too) believe that filling our bellies at certain hunger inspired intervals during the day is “supporting the arts.” We call these periods of consumption "meals." It may help outsiders to think of them as one would of prayer. In our culture each "meal" is precisely the weight of the sum of the weights of the two previous consecutive "meals" combined.    
           We have on occasion been known to express our gastroenterological dreams, hopes, and fears in something resembling musical offerings. A food critic might describe Bipolar Jukebox in this way:

         "Bipolar Jukebox's sound is a sonic pâté composed of minced songwriter and jazz chords, mashed classical piano, native purée of Americana, in a rock and roll reduction (with an angstrom of pickled Klezmer for color and as a natural preservative). Andre Balazs’s vocals and songwriting bring to mind Randy Newman, Tom Waits, and Charles Aznavour and is best served at room temperature with a toasted baguette and cornichons."

                                            -The Musee du Sortes Epicurean (1897)

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